Our Representative Scott Cosper

Fights for Us. Wins for Us.

Named the Most Powerful First-Term Representative by a leading state news journal

“2017 Effective Conservative” by the Conservative Roundtable

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In the 85th Legislative Session, Scott Cosper...

  • Co-sponsored a ban on sanctuary cities to combat illegal immigration in Texas
  • Fought to fully fund an $800 million surge in new troopers and technology on the Texas border
  • Authored and passed a new law to crack down on payday lenders who prey on our military families
  • Personally reinstated $20 million in the budget to help Fort Hood and our Texas military installations withstand base realignments and closures (BRAC)
  • Wrote one of the most conservative budgets in Texas history and established a commission to develop a blueprint to lower property taxes
  • Co-authored a ban on partial birth abortion and eliminated funding for Planned Parenthood
  • Saved the retired teacher insurance plan from collapse
  • Defended of the Second Amendment from attacks

As State Representative, Scott Cosper will always fight for...

A Secure Texas Border

A Strong Fort Hood

Low Taxes and Fiscal Responsibility

New jobs by investing in education and economic development

A balanced state budget without raising taxes

Support for our military families and Veterans

Conservative family values

The Second Amendment

Top-Quality Public Schools

Religious Freedom

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